SBI : Finding Arbitrage Lines


SBI : Finding Arbitrage Lines

First, what is “arbing”? Arbitrage betting, or “arbing”, is the practice of backing and laying bets on the same result of a sporting event on two (or sometimes more) different sportsbooks, while taking advantage of the numerical disparities in the odds that are offered between the two books. An "arb" is the difference, or margin, between the two lines.

Essentially, arbing is making wagers on the opposite sides of a bet, while taking advantage of the different lines set by the sportsbooks. For it to be a true arb, one side must have better odds than the other. Only one side can win (except when it comes to “middle” opportunities; see our section on our Middling Bets scanner), but when done correctly, arbitrage betting, ensures a profit regardless of which wager wins.

Here's an Example:

The St. Louis Cardinals are playing the Cincinnati Reds and you see from the Arbitrage Odds page that the Cardinals are -130 on BetRivers, while the Reds are +145 on DraftKings. In this case, you want to place a $500 wager on the Cardinals to win. Using the Arbitrage Calculator, you see that you should place $361.02 on the Reds to win. It doesn’t matter which team wins, because either side will return an amount that is more than the other wager you place. In this case, both wagers will pay out $888.50, locking in a profit for you of $23.48!

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