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In my previous blog post.. If you have not read feel free to jump back and read before diving in here. Now that we have a basic understanding of line movement let's jump into an example.

Aces High Jan. 30 2023
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What are line movements in Sports Betting? What they are, what causes the odds changes and what does it mean for the individual sports bettor? We are going to dive into all these questions today. Let’s get started...

Aces High Jan. 24 2023
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Self-reliance and direction is probably the most broad category we have listed here. Let's jump into this one first. A sportsbook is a company. They are a business that employees people. These employees are working together to achieve the main goal...

Aces High Oct. 17 2022
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...In this two part blog post we'll be going over two aspects. The first part today we will focus on that high probability of winning and why it exists - The Book's Strengths vs the Player's Weaknesses. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will turn the tables and focus on the Player's strengths vs. the Book's Weaknesses...

Aces High Oct. 07 2022
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The NHL season is slowly approaching with the preseason already underway. The first puck of the 2022-2023 preseason dropped last weekend. This means it's time to shake the rust off our models and get everything prepped...

Aces High Sept. 30 2022
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Well duhhh... Of course the best line is the best bet. Let's not just fly over that fact though. There are a number of recreational bettors, casual bettors, even some more seasoned bettors that will simply...

Aces High Sept. 22 2022