SBI +EV Calculator

Use this expected value calculator to determine your total edge on a given line. This edge is the value you should expect to receive for a bet on this line, based on the win probability.

What is the expected profitability of this bet?
+EV Calculator Information

Expected value in sports betting is a measurement of the expected win or loss for each wager placed. Positive expected value (+EV) suggests a bettor will increase the chances they will be profitable in the long run and is a recommended wagering strategy. If you have calculated the probability of winning on a given line you can use this calculator to figure out what your total edge over the sportsbook on that bet is. Input your probability of winning and the current line and our calculator will tell you the total edge percentage on that line. A positive percentage returned indicates a positive expected value, and is a recommended play, while a negative percentage return indicates a negative expected value.

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