SBI Fair Odds Calculator

Use this fair odds calculator to find the no-vig odds or “fair” odds for a line. Fair odds are what a line should be without the vig (vigorish, i.e., the house edge) that sportsbooks add to their lines.

What are the fair odds?
Fair Odds Calculator Information

Finding the fair odds for a line is important when determining if you have an edge over a sportsbook. The odds that sportsbooks offer always have some vig - an amount a sportsbook add to the line as an edge to ensure their profitability. Our fair odds calculator removes the vig from and lets you find the vig-free odds. Enter both sides of the bet you are looking at and the fair odds calculator will return the fair odds, or the odds with no sportsbook edge. These are the true odds, or the odds you would expect for this event were the sportsbook to add no vig to the lines.

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