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Looking to see how much you might win based on current odds on your parlay bet? Check this tool out.

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Parlay Calculator

The free parlay calculator allows you to create a parlay bet that combines multiple bets and provides the projected payout. The more games, the higher the risk - but the greater the payout! When should you use the Parlay Calculator? Parlay payouts can be big but you need to know what's on the line. To show much you might win based on current odds, this calculator helps you make your picks based on variables like bet amount, format, odds, desired winners and more. Enter the odds of each line for each bet to calculate the potential return on your parlay. Input the odds for at least two different betting lines below. Add as many bets as you like to calculate your true parlay odds.
*Special note: for the parlay to win, each game must win or push (tie). If any of the games lose, the entire wager loses.

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