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Getting started on our site is easy and fast. We allow you to choose what you need and don't need. While offering a range of free tools we also provide more in-depth subscriber data, tools and analytics.

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Sign-up for a free account at SportsBettingIntel

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Check out what tools and analysis you will need. We offer a wide range of options.

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Sign-up for the plan that best fits your needs.

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Start betting with the edge on your side.

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One stop shop for checking all sports odds across books

Looking to see all the odds for every game from a sport across all the major books? Check out our Sport Gameboards that show you the breakdowns all in one page. Convert odds to Implied Percentages or even input your bet amount to see the bottom line for every single bet in one click. Gameday and looking to keep an eye across all markets for the sports your watching? Maximize the Gameboard to show a sportsbook style on your screen all gameday long.

SBI Basic

What's the difference between betting one line vs. another? If someone were to bet a +105 line vs. looking for the best odds using SBI tools and finding +120 in another book, the SBI subscriber would make $30 more on a winning $200 bet. Over the course of 50 winning bets that extra winnings would equate to $1,500. You can't control who wins an event, but you can control where you place that bet. Use our tools to maximize your profits.

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Best Odds For Every Event We Track

Get the best odds offered across all major books at a quick glance without having to hunt across a number of sites. Betting with the best offered odds can offer you the best opportunity for being profitable.

SBI Basic

The house doesn't beat the player. It just gives him an opportunity to beat himself.

Use our +EV tools to be sure that every bet you are making is taken with the advantage on your side. Use our scanners and Even Value lines to find your edge and remain a profitable gambler.

SBI Plus
Member Benefits
Event Odds Breakdown

Looking for a place to see odds for an event across all sportsbooks? Check out our event odds breakdown pages with best odds, odds by all gametypes (5th Inning, 1st Half, 2nd Quarter...), conesensus odds and much more.

SBI Basic

Track line movements across every game, sports book, bet type and all other data that we offer. See how the line is moving to make the best decision of when to jump.

Member Benefits
Low Hold Scanner

Find the lowest holds to convert free bets, take maximum advantage of promotions and catch an edge on your Sports Bets. Oragnize by sport, gametype, book, juice... Avoid the line grinding and let our tools do the work for you.

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Betting Tools

Free calculators and other tools available for all users

Free Bet Conversions

Maximize your profits using our Free Bet Converter tool

Game Breakdown

Quickly find the lines for each event across all major US sportsbooks.


Scan for positive EV lines using the SBI Even Value Line of each bet across all SportsBooks